Testimonials & Reviews

10/26/18 Selby & Hannah bought a home on Mandarin in Gilbert AZ
Gave 5 of 5 stars! “We were first time home buyers, and Becca made it so easy and fun! I loved how she mapped out the houses we liked to make the most of our time. Extremely helpful and answered all of our questions. Look forward to when we can work with Becca again!"

10/26/18 Jan& Bre bought a home on Winterhaven in Mesa AZ
Gave 5 of 5 stars! "Super great lady! She's really helped us a lot through our past couple purchases. She always makes sure we know what's going on by copying us in on each email so we can see all the correspondence. She's always motivated and sweet. She helped us move in the heat of Arizona summer and even took care of some of our stuff overnight when we weren't able to put it away anywhere because we had to move on short notice. She took care of some things for longer at her house when we didn't have room for so we would have time to sell them. This most recent time around, she used her own money to hire an inspector to make sure we got the engineering certification in time. She's become a good friend to us."

10/26/18 Clyde M rented a home on Ranger Tr in Gilbert AZ
Gave 5 of 5 stars! "My experience with Rebecca Adams was one a renter like myself could only dream of. Becca normally deals with people interested in buying homes. I was looking to lease & Becca info came across my email. I emailed her & we spoke about what i was looking for as far as renting a home & staying within my budget but yet still getting a quality home to rent. Rebecca is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the renting/homebuying business. She went above & beyond to make sure i found a home within my 2 week window. Showed me homes on her own time & while she was on vacation she still was helping me look for homes. I was very fortunate & lucky to meet Rebecca Adams. In my opinion she's one of the best in the business. Very courteous, polite, trustworthy, & most importantly she's always looking out for her customers best interest.. After i found my home i asked her to look over my Lease & she found a couple discrepancies that i didnt understand.. Without Rebecca my family & I would of never found a home.. She's more than just a real estate agent. She's a true friend.. Clyde Myles"

10/25/18 Allen D rented a home on Pinehurst in Gilbert AZ
Gave 5 of 5 stars! "Rebecca Adams will always be my go to agent. I recently relocated from California to Arizona’s East Valley. Rebecca took away many of the stressors associated not only with moving but relocating from another state. She listened to my needs and delivered with an amazing home . Thank You Rebecca as I look forward to continued business with you."

7/10/18 Josh K sold a home in Gilbert and purchased a home in Maricopa,
Gave 5 of 5 stars!  "Its a shame they only let you give 5 stars because Becca is a 10! There is no better relator in the state of Arizona, period. She is always available at anytime day or night and makes you her main priority. You may even have yourself believing you must be her only client with how attentive she is. I have never seen a realtor go above and beyond to the point she does to ensure that you get the best outcome possible, whether you are selling or buying, or renting. We originally found Becca in 2014 when looking for a home to rent, but decided to purchase a home in 2015 with her representing us. In 2018 we decided to sell the home and purchase another, again with her representing us on both transactions. Our home was under contract in 3 days. I will NEVER do business with another relator other than Becca Adams as long as I am in Arizona. Even if they were FREE!" -JK

 7/10/18 C Kimble sold a home and purchased in Maricopa AZ
Gave 5 of 5 stars!  "Rebecca is the only reason I bought my first home, and the only way we could have bought our second. Her knowledge, patience, and ability to help everyone involved is outstanding. We know that we are not her only client, but she made us feel like we were. Always answered her phone, and was always available to us. We couldn't have done it without her, and I have already recommended her to everyone I know. Don't even try to use anyone else - Becca is the BEST."-Celeste

07/10/18  J Liebmann bought a home on Plata Ave in Mesa AZ
Gave 5 of 5 Stars!
"Becca was so helpful when we were looking to buy our first home! Being first time buyers, we were unfamiliar with basic home owner things as well as the process as a whole and Becca was there every step of the way explaining things and translating what the inspector and other professionals were trying to tell us. She was very flexible and scheduled with us last minute if necessary. She really listened to our needs and helped find potential houses that fit what we were looking for." -JL

07/08/18 Alex & DJ bought a home in Mesa AZ
“Thank you so much for helping us throughout this whole process! We appreciate your patience, kindness and dedication in helping us find the perfect home! You have been a joy to work with :0)”
05/20/18 Erin M bought a home on Latham in Mesa AZ
Gave 5 of 5 stars!  "My experience with Becca Adams goes beyond just a simple review, her service and guidance went much further than that of an average realtor. She understood my needs past just the type of home and location that I was interested in buying. She understood that this was my FIRST home buying experience, told me that this should be a wonderful and fun experience, not stressful. She took the time to simplify the entire process from start to finish so that I could understand and really focus just on the fun. I feel with complete confidence that whether this is your first home or last, Becca Adams will most certainly do everything she can to take the stress off your plate so that you can focus on what's really important.. having fun buying a new home!" -Erin

03/05/18 Whitney R bought a home on Holmes Ave in Mesa AZ
Gave five of five stars!
"Becca helped my family and I find our first home. She narrowed down the listings for us to review based on our needs and wants that we provided her. She was very responsive and knowledgeable regarding the many questions we had as first time home buyers. We will definitely recommend her to our family and friends who are in the market to purchase a new home."

02/27/18 Stacey S bought a home on Los Lagos Vista in Mesa AZ
Gave five of five stars!
“Beca did an excellent job of not only finding me the perfect home but also in negotiation of the best for me (which included the best purchase price as well as improvements that the seller needed to make). Becca was at the closing to ensure that everything went through and the assisted in making sure that everything was done even after the sale was processed. Becca would be my absolute choice for any future purchases and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for that 'perfect' home."

02/26/18 Kim D bought a home on Via De Arboles in San Tan Valley AZ
“Gave five of five stars! Rebecca would respond promptly to questions, requests, and issues. I would highly recommend Rebecca for first time, and frequent home buyers, as she was my daughters realtor when buying her first home, and assisted me in the recent purchase of my new home."

2/8/18 Eric S rented a home on Banelli Pl in Chandler AZ
Gave five of five stars!
"I would highly recommend Becca to anyone looking for a real estate agent. She helped my friend and I find a great place to rent on short notice. She was very knowledgeable, helpful and responsive and a pleasure to work with."

12/8/17 Christine S & Alexander S bought a home on Pecan in Phoenix AZ
Gave five of five stars!
“Rebecca Adams was amazing. We were first time home buyers and she made everything so easy and was there for us every step of the way. Rebecca is so on top of everything, we wanted a house that was already taken and because of her quick action we have already moved in our new home so fast I can’t believe we are homeowners. We could not have done this without her, I can’t believe our luck finding a Real Estate Professional this good our first time. I would recommend her to everyone I know you will not be disappointed she is the best. She made our dreams come true.”

12/6/17 Antonia & Arvin A rented a home on Ranger Trail in Gilbert AZ
Gave five of five stars!
"Becca helped us choose a rental home, she was there every step of the way including being our representative to see the house and dealt with the property management company since we were moving cross country. She was nice, respectful and professional. We are looking forward to working with her when it's time to buy a home."

12/6/17 Rick W bought a home on Country Club in Tempe AZ
Gave five out of five stars!
“Working with Rebecca was a great experience! She was able to narrow down on exactly the type of home we were looking for and was fantastic in writing our offer letter and helping us through the closing process. She was there every step of the way to answer our questions and hear our concerns. We could not be happier with using her as our Realtor!"

11/27/17 JB rented a home on Arabian Dr in Gilbert AZ
Gave five of five stars!
"Becca was really great to work with. She was very quick to respond and work with us to find what we were looking for. We had a few things come up and changed our mind on a house we had applied for. She continued to work with us and we ended up getting into a house we really liked. Thanks Becca!!"

11/21/17 Jennifer S rented on W Ironwood Dr in Chandler AZ
Five out of five stars! "We are in the process of moving from Seattle to Chandler AZ. We decided to rent a home to give us time to find the best neighborhood for us to buy a home next year. We were overwhelmed searching various on line web sites for rental home ads and trying to arrange showings during our 1 week trip to AZ to find a rental. Most rental homes in this area are managed by property management companies who often do not have enough personnel to answer the phones much less schedule private showings of rentals. Becca found our search on the Zillow website which we thought had one of the best selections of homes. She contacted us and offered her free help in finding a rental home and we are so grateful for her help! While a few rentals have an online system for unlocking and viewing a rental, most have a traditional key lock box that only a property manager or real estate agent can open. Since Becca is a licensed real estate agent she was able to show us house after house all day long, Without Becca we would have been lucky to see 2 or 3 properties scattered throughout a day. Every night Becca would preview listings and send them to us to select those we wanted to see. The next morning Becca had a list of those houses ready to see. She had already contacted the owners or property managers to be sure the house was still on the market and she told them about us to build their interest in renting to us. She made a map of houses in order of location to minimize driving. She showed us 8-10 houses each day for 3 days when we finally found the perfect home. Becca contacted the property manager and sent them our already completed renter’s application which they accepted. After that we met with the manager to sign the lease, pay deposits and got the keys. That left us 4 days to enjoy the area and make our arrangements with our movers. We recommend Becca’s unique rental finding service to anyone looking for a rental before moving to the East Valley! She will save you time and stress and maximize the number of quality rentals for you to see daily. Becca is very personable and knowledgeable about neighborhoods and commutes and personalizes your search to your preferences."

11/21/17 Rochelle313  purchased on Country Club Way in Tempe AZ
Rochelle gave five out of five stars! "Becca goes above and beyond, do yourself a big favor and contact her if you are looking to buy or sell! She is truly the best Broker and we felt so fortunate to have her during this process. She is so on the ball and always 5 steps ahead making sure nothing falls through the cracks. We were able to find a place that we love and we appreciate Becca's willingness to work with our crazy schedules, she just made it happen. She was also so knowledgeable about the market and really made us feel comfortable, I felt like we were top priority (which I'm sure all of her clients feel that way). Thank you Becca!!"

9/13/17 Chris K & Janel a bought E Juanita in Gilbert, AZ
Five out of five stars!
To Whom this May Concern,
My wife (Janel) and I just bought our first home ever. We are late bloomers in this area as I am 53 and Janel is well, younger than me by a ways. We have worked hard over the past few years to repair our credit and get into a place where we could afford a decent home for ourselves and our 17 year old daughter. This past year we decided that we would finally try to buy our own home.
We met Becca Adams a few years ago as she helped us find a rental property so we reached out to her again to see if she could help us find a home. We had absolutely no idea where to start or what to do and we felt a great deal of fear about the process and the financial commitment as well. When we called Becca we told her that we needed to find the right house, and buy and close on this home and we had 30 days to complete the whole process as our current landlord was selling our rental and gave us no real notice. We were also planning to use a VA loan and had no money to put down on this home.
I am sure you are laughing by now, but this is exactly what we put in front of Becca. What happened next is almost beyond belief but I knew that others needed to know about Becca which I why I am writing this now.
Here is what happened over the next 30 days:
Janel and Becca (together) searched the area and the types of home we were looking for and then began to immediately visit these properties. They saw over 70 different homes in 4 days, going from morning to night fall seeing more than 20 properties in one day!
We made a couple offers that fell through and when we were getting defeated, Becca pulled us back together and went back to work. Finally we found the perfect home and made an offer. Becca referred us a preferred lender but also worked with one of ours. She walked us through every phase and was on site for every single inspection, walk through, etc. She even showed up when it came time to sign all of the final paperwork. 
I have never, in any other industry (I have been a sales executive for the last 12 years) met someone so professional or so concerned with their clients and their needs. Becca is an expert in communication and her attention to detail is amazing. The bottom line is that we closed on this house from offer to move in, in 22 days. 
On the day we came to get the keys, Becca was already there and was inside cleaning the kitchen counters and had brought us a beautiful gift basket and broom. (I had mentioned in a conversation a week before that we needed a big push broom).
Becca was clearly and truly excited to help Janel and I purchase this home and we were stunned at her attentiveness and willingness to answer out many questions and walk us step by step through this process. We felt like she treated us like a loved family member and we could not possibly recommend her enough to first home buyers or any buyer for that matter! 
This professional women is light years beyond her profession in my opinion and you will be very happy if you get the chance to work with her. I have never in my life time been inspired by a buying experience to write any kind of letter, until today. Janel and I have spoken about this experience since then and it still brings up emotions in us as we have not ever been treated with this kind of care and respect.
If you are buying any home, contact her immediately, your welcome!
Sincerely, Chris K

9/6/17 Eric G rented at E Baylor Ln in Chandler, AZ
Gave 5 of 5 stars! "I would recommend Rebecca to anyone that is searching for a home or rental. She is very thorough, answers all phone calls and emails right away and is dedicated to helping you until your search for a home is over. I really appreciate her help!"

9/27/17 J Williams rented a home in Gilbert AZ
Five out of five stars from Jeremy  "I recently had a divorce and sold my home with the ex wife's realtor. I just needed a nice home to rent. Rebecca Adams was prompt, professional and knowledgeable about the market. She helped me find the place that fit my needs. I highly recommend her." jaydoubleu92

09/5/17 Tom S rented a home at E Commonwealth Cir Chandler AZ
Five out of five stars from Tom…If I could give Becca 6 stars I would. As a recent transplant and unfamiliar with the area, Becca went above and beyond my expectations. She was always responsive, listened to my needs, and took the time necessary to see me through the whole process. When I encountered problems with the leasing agent, Becca was there to help resolve it. I didn't except an agent would be so helpful and knowledgeable in securing my place and I have already recommended her to others looking for a home. Thanks Becca...you rock!

08/15/17 John L rented at  E Jasper Dr Gilbert AZ
Five out of five stars! "She was super patient with me, and provided very comprehensive info on each house that I looked at. She noticed flaws and features that I totally missed. She quickly learned what I was looking for and what was most important to me. Great communicator too."

08/14/17 Childs Family rented  E Bradstock Way, San Tan Valley, AZ
Becca was extremely helpful. We were from out of town and she helped out our minds more at ease. She was very familiar with the processes in the industry and helped us be as prepared as possible. I would recommend Becca to anyone."

08/8/17 Butterys gave 5 of 5 stars for help with rental at Marlborough 
"We were lost in our rental search. We spent months on the internet prior to moving to Arizona but the process was daunting. The best option was to just get here and hope for the best. Within 5 days of arriving we moved from a hotel to our new home. Unbelievable!!! Rebecca is the reason. She is amazing. She offered her services and I'm so thankful. She turned the experience from horrendous to wonderful. Once we found the property, she was even able to get us in 3 days earlier by doing the property manager's paperwork. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Do yourself a favor and put your trust in her. She's a star."

08/8/17 Yoshi & Iko rented a home at S Laguna Gilbert AZ
They gave 5 of 5 stars for help with rental on Laguna in Gilbert. "If you are looking for an real estate agent, I highly recommend Rebecca Adams. She is amazing. Whenever I asked her a question, I always got her quick response. You won't have any frustration. In addition, her knowledge is precise and her communication is truly customer-oriented. Rebecca is the "Pro Among The Pros".

07/17/17 Spencer H rented a home at S Birch St Tempe AZ
Five of five stars! Rebecca was a pleasure to work with. In any instance where I needed to be in contact with Rebecca, she was always responsive and professional. I would highly recommend Rebecca for anyone looking for a hard working realtor who helps make your transition to buying or renting easy and quick.

06/25/2017 - Cheerylynn Bought a Single $275K in Mesa, AZ.
Gave 5 of 5 stars! Becca was wonderful to work with! She was very professional and knowledgeable about the housing market. She was always available when we had a question or concern about buying our house. Becca was a fantastic negotiator and helped us get the house we wanted for the price we wanted. I would   definitely recommend her to anyone wishing to sell or buy a property!

06/15/17 Stacey King Bought a Single Family $200K in Summer Place Village, Mesa,
Gave 5 of 5 stars! Rebecca Adams is an awesome real estate professional. We were first time home buyers and we couldn't have asked for someone better to work with. We could fully trust her opinions and she was definitely there for us and our best interest. If she didn't think a home was right for us, she let us know   and kept looking through listings and showing us homes until we found our dream home. She was always available for any questions or concerns and we had. We were so grateful to have found someone so amazing and helpful through the stressful process of buying a home. We would definitely recommend her and will be contacting her if we want to purchase/sell another home in the future.

06/15/2017 – Dave Hubbard bought a Single Family $275K in Amberwood North, Chandler, AZ.
Five of five stars! Great agent. Easy to work with. Best experience I have had buying a home. Made the process quick and friendly. Keep in contact with us through the whole time.

04/06/2017 – Caitlin Covarrubias gave 5 of 5 stars and rented a Condo home in Tempe, AZ
I was immediately shown a property after meeting with Becca and telling her about my needs. After finding a listing that fit my needs, she made it very easy for my roommate and I to get into the property. Being that this was my first experience as a tenant, Becca took the time to ensure I would   qualify and was quick to respond to any questions I had

03/29/17 Michelle S bought and sold a home in Mesa AZ Michelle Stafford gave 5 of 5 stars! Becca is an incredible agent, she is knowledgeable, professional,  and always super responsive. She has helped me buy and sell a house and I will always use her as my agent in the future. Moving is stressful but she has a wonderful way of making the process seamless!"

02/26/17 Kelsey M rented a home at S Elm St Tempe, AZ   Kelsey gave 5 of 5 stars! Rebecca is great…She went the extra mile to help me find a rental condo in a very competitive market. She knew what I was looking for and put in a lot of time helping me navigate her website and the city! 

01/22/17 badgirlvmh bought a home at W Keats Ave Mesa AZ Verna gave 5 of 5 Stars! We used Rebecca Adams as are real estate agent to purchase our home. We gave her a list of what amenities we wanted the home to have and the location we wanted to look in and Rebecca provided us a map with addresses on her website that we could view current listings. She then took us to the houses we chose to view and took us through the house. When we finally found the one we wanted to put an offer on she worked with the listing agent to make sure that all the items that showed up on the inspection report were completed prior to our closing on the loan. Rebecca also recommended a mortgage lender and title company that we were extremely pleased with. This is saying something since I am a mortgage loan underwriter. I would recommend Rebecca to all my friends and family as she was professional and efficient and friendly.

01/19/17 CS rented a home at S Elm St Tempe, AZ Catherine gave 5 of 5 stars! Rebecca is great! She went the extra mile to help me find a rental condo in a very competitive market. She knew what I was looking for and put in a lot of time helping me navigate her website and the city! 

01/15/2017 Don R had property management at Condo home in Mesa, AZ.
​Becca Adams is an amazing talent in the Realtor Market of the Phoenix-Mesa-Tempe areas. She does everything and never gives up. She has an infectious attitude to solve huge challenges. From Repairs that seem un-repairable, to clean ups that seem impossible, to Purchases-Closings-Sales she can do  it all. I have complete trust in Ms Becca Adams and "no doubt" you will too. Don R, Maj Gen (ret), USAF

01/19/2017 Dev A purchased a home in 2015 at E Minton Dr Tempe, AZ.

Becca got me the house of my dreams even when I was unprepared. Was actually looking to rent when I met her and her vast knowledge and expertise led me to purchase my first singe-family home in Tempe, AZ. I knew little to nothing about the real estate market, but she helped guide me every step of the way with expert advice, market history and knowledge, and her own professional contacts like her lender Tim Mills had no problem getting me qualified and submitting an offer. I was at first very scared about actually owning property but after having lived in my new house for over a year I cannot tell you all the benefits it has had for my life. My home has been a sense of security not only giving me a place to stay, but building value in equity and also saving me on my taxes quite a bit! I would never have been able to do any of this without Becca. Give her a call and she will help you understand the market, and make the best decision for your situation. 

10/23/2016 zuser20150115204728811CS rented a townhome at S Elm St UNIT 147, Tempe, AZ

​Rebecca is great! She went the extra mile to help me find a rental condo in a very competitive market. She knew what I was looking for and put in a lot of time helping me navigate her website and the city! 

​6/20/16 Megan Herndon rented a home at  E Pepper Tree Ln, Scottsdale, AZ 
I was referred to Becca from another realtor. She is very prompt in replying to emails and texts and answering your calls. We were looking for a place to rent from out of state and she was able to quickly get a hold of the property managers to set up times to view houses. She is very friendly and knowledgeable with getting our lease terms negotiated and reviewed for us. She made the whole process very easy. She has also checked up with us to see if we had any other questions and to see how we were doing. I would definitely recommend her!  

6/9/15 S McClellan rented a home at  E Continental Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 
Rebecca was prompt and very helpful. She met us on time at our appointments and was knowledgeable about each property we visited. She provided us with questions and information we should be aware of before signing our lease.

6/8/16 T Wagner rented a home at E Continental Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 
Becca was very helpful! She was always very organized and put a lot of time and effort into helping us find a home to rent. She even had additional information on the properties and showed me the property after we put down the deposit because the owners were not available. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

5/25/16 J Sanders
She was very helpful, knowledgeable, and had such a great personality! We were interested in one of the properties that had been listed under her, but we had to use another realtor because my husband was a vet and they have different people that work with those types, but I wished we could have used her still because of how much of an awesome personality she had. I would highly recommend using her to find a home for anyone, she is very good about getting back to you, answering any questions you have and loves her job

05/23/16 Scott N rented a Single Family Home at S Marina Dr, Gilbert, AZ 
Becca is awesome! Unlike other agents, she took the time to take us to every listing. As soon as we submitted a request to see a property, she was on it. We contacted more than 7 agents whom acted like we owed them something. They would not follow up or call back in a timely manner. Becca was prompt and assisted in everything going beyond her duties. We are so thankful! We are now going to use her for finding rental properties to purchase. Not only have we forged a friendship, but we have a Real Estate Professional for Life! 

04/04/16 Maggie T rented a Single Family Home at E Canyon Way, Chandler, AZ I found a rental on Zillow and within 24 hrs, Becca had responded to us. We were not able to move until June, but due to our upstairs apartment neighbors mistaking a sprinkler head for a hanger, we were able to move out sooner. Becca guided us from start to finish, she was prompt with her responses, and quick to understand our eagerness and urgency to hear if we got the house.

Thank you Becca for all of your hard work!

03/28/16 Bob L. Rented a Single Family Home at E Riveria Chandler, AZ  

Working with Becca was a very positive experience. She was more than helpful in addressing issues that concerned us trying to find that rental that fit our specific needs. As one that can be critical of most professionals, Becca was far more superior than most in her field. It was a pleasure to have met her and hope that many more clients will recognize her talents. Bob  

02/22/16 Joseph B. & Kelsey C. Rented a Single Family Home at W 11th St, Tempe, AZ
Rebecca was AMAZING!! She went out of her way to help me and my girlfriend find, and lock down our first rental home together. We will absolutely be using Rebecca again when the time comes for us to buy a house. She was extremely hardworking, and took everything that we wanted into account in order to find us the perfect home. I'll be recommending Rebecca to anyone that asks me if I know a good realtor. She is the best!  

02/03/2016 – McKenna H
Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $225K in Harrison Acres, Mesa, AZ.
Becca was and is such a joy to work with. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to the housing market and really takes into consideration what you want in a home. She works so hard to find you exactly what you are looking for but allows you to go at your own pace. My husband and I were first time home buyers and she answered every question and concern we had and also made sure we understood the process of buying a home and everything it entails. Becca was flexible with our schedules and is very personable and positive. We loved our experience working with her and look forward to working with her in the future!

01/29/2016 – Laurie Brynn,  Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $300K in Val Vista Lakes, Gilbert, AZ.
I give Rebecca 5 stars in every category. She is top notch! She has an excellent hard-working work ethic. I appreciated her honest forthright approach. She responded quickly and kept me up to date on every aspect of the process. Her many years of experience and knowledge of the real estate business made me feel like I was in good hands. She took great care of me. She makes the complicated process go smoothly. She goes the extra mile. Her negotiating skills are superb! My experience was a success! My house sold for what I was looking for. I highly recommend Rebecca if you want to sell or buy your home!

01/28/2016 – Kinsey & Jordan, Sold a home in 2015 for approximately $225K, Tempe, AZ., Purchased a home in Mesa for $220k
Becca was wonderful in all aspects of the process. She helped us sell a home a purchase a new one all within a few months time. She was always ready to help and never pushy. She makes a big deal about being involved at a level you are comfortable. In our case we had been found lots of research before and she took what we had gathered and expanded on it. Overall a very positive experience on both transactions and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
Response from Rebecca Adams on 02/03/2016
Thanks for allowing me to help - working with you was extremely rewarding for me and I really appreciated your involvement and insights. You both are such resourceful & savvy people, smart with your decisions. Very diligent with research, communications & follow up! Not to mention all the hard work put in to make your home sell itself. Can wait to hear all about all the new projects at the Mesa home.  I really don't think there is anything you can't do. Thanks -B

10/18/2014 – Anita Brandow, Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $250K in Tempe, AZ.
I owned a property that eventually became a rental when I moved out of state. I hated the hassle of being a landlord and decided to sell. Becca Adams came highly recommended from a personal friend. And what a blessing she was! Becca did an amazing job for us. Things we were particularly impressed with: -she rearranged her Hawaii vacation to help us with the sale of our home -she found price quotes for needed repairs, then scheduled the repairs -she checked on our property almost daily -she found free paint that was high quality for touch ups and even did some of the painting herself -she followed up with the repairs when they were not done properly and made the businesses complete what they promised to do -she kept us informed on EVERY detail. Nothing was left in the dark I would definitely use her again if I ever move back to Arizona.
Response from Rebecca Adams on 10/28/2014  Thank you for taking the time in your busy schedules to give me an terrific review! Selling your home was pretty smooth for being long distance...Very pro-active home owners makes all the difference. Thanks in great part for your diligent follow up on tasks and prompt responses on your end. Grateful for the opportunity to work with you both-BIG thanks again. B

7/08/2014 – John Young Helped me rent buy & sell Single Family home in Meyer Park, Tempe, AZ.
I have used Rebecca Adams three or four times thru my home buying and selling process. She always put my need ahead of hers and went way above and beyond the call for me. There would be times that I had my two little girls with me and she was very nice and thoughtful to them as well. Rebecca has helped me buy a couple of homes and sell a couple as well. She is very professional, yet she is very kind and will make sure all of your needs are fulfilled. I couldn't recommend her more highly than I do. She was great and will always accommodate your needs.
Response from Rebecca Adams on 07/09/2014 J you're the best, thanks so much! It was my pleasure to help you and your cute family...becca

07/02/2014 – Cheryl O. , Helped me rent a Townhouse home in Tempe, AZ.
Becca was a lifesaver! I had 3 weeks to move to the Phoenix-area from another part of the state and I had limited knowledge of the market and limited ability to travel to Phoenix to view rental properties. I have dogs, so I had very specific needs regarding fencing and the dogs' access from the  house to the yard. She did everything she could to streamline the process and make it less stressful. Because I had such limited availability to travel and see the properties, she would visit them and make recommendations. When I was in town, she had everything organized to make my trip productive and efficient. She found me a spacious 2-bd patio home that met all of my needs and then some. She cares about her clients and continues to check in to see how me and the dogs are doing.
Response from Rebecca Adams on 07/03/2014
Thanks so much, appreciate the the awesome support! It was a pleasure helping you find a new home...thanks, -b

06/29/2014 – Cal & Alice, Sold a Single Family home in 2010 for approximately $200K in Tempe, AZ.
Becca Adams was our realtor when we sold our house. She was very successful in finding a buyer. We enjoyed working with Becca because she is very personable and understood our needs. It was helpful to us that she is very knowledgeable in both the real estate business and the financial  arrangements that need to be made. We had great confidence in her suggestions and judgment about what we needed to do to sell our house. We can highly recommend her!

06/29/2014  - Heather & John,  Sold a Single Family home in 2008 in Shalimar, Tempe, AZ.
We loved our experience of having Becca sell our home and purchase a new one! She "held our hand" every step of the way. She was very conscientious and meticulous with all the details. There was no worrying on our end as a result. She was professional and very easy to worth with. We highly recommend Becca! 
Response from Rebecca Adams on 06/30/2014 Appreciate the positive feedback, Thank you, thank you, thank you for being terrific clients...becca

01/18/2016 - Jennifer, Sold a home in 2015 for approximately $225K in Marlborough Mesa, Mesa, AZ.
It was a pleasure to work with Becca. She was very knowledgeable about the area and how to find areas in the home that might need repair. I was not sure what to expect since I was buying my first home, but she help put me at ease with the process and helped me find the perfect home for me and my son. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home. 

11/02/2015 – Jacoby Family,  Bought a home in 2015 for approximately $275K in Sonoma Ranch, Gilbert, AZ.
Becca Adams is not just our real estate agent, she has truly become our friend. Becca has helped us find two rental homes, and now has helped us buy our first home. She is extremely knowledgeable and made us feel at ease through the entire process. She was always available to answer any and all questions, no matter how silly they might be. She was dedicated to keeping us informed throughout all stages of the buying process and stayed up on all communications with our mortgage and title companies. She was truly our go to person for any and all needs. She was readily available and was able to accommodate our sometimes hectic schedules. She went above and beyond what is expected of a real estate agent and has made the stressful home buying experience and pleasant experience. There is no other agent I would choose when buying a home. Becca Adams is a premier real estate agent in Phoenix! 

10/27/2015 - John,  Bought a home in 2014 for approximately $225K in Mesa, AZ.
Becca is hands-down the best realtor I have ever worked with. She is incredibly knowledgeable and overall a pleasure to be around. She definitely went above and beyond to help me find the perfect home. Throughout the entire purchasing process, Becca was reliable, helpful, and accommodating, explaining and assisting with each piece of paperwork and step along the way. She was always responsive to my questions and requests within a very timely manner. She took careful note of all the things I was looking for and was more than willing to set-up and show numerous homes before settling on the right one. Becca’s services are invaluable and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to rent, buy, and/or sell. Thank you, Becca, for your expertise and for making what could have been a very stressful situation, smooth and enjoyable. 

10/18/2015 –The Smiths,  Bought a home in 2015 for approximately $275K in Deer Valley, Phoenix, AZ.
Rebecca was very helpful throughout the entire process. She took detailed notes on what we were looking for in a home.  Spent extra time with us going over the negotiation forms step by step. Was available to take our calls day or night.
Response from Rebecca Adams on 10/20/2015 Thank you for allowing me to help, it was a real pleasure to get to know you both! –B

07/06/2015 – Celeste & Josh, Bought a home in 2015 for approximately $200K in Villa Madeira, Gilbert, AZ.
We absolutely LOVED Becca. She went above and beyond to help us. She is incredibly knowledgeable, and helps you every step of the way. We were so happy to have her as our Agent. We love our new home, and it was completely thanks to Becca.
Response from Rebecca Adams on 07/07/2015 Such a treat to work with you both! You are such a dynamic couple, so sharp & fund to be around. Very glad I had the opportunity help you with your first home...well worth the journey we took!! Appreciate you guys so much. Becca

10/15/2014 – Amanda Jones,  Helped me rent a Single Family home in Laveen, Phoenix, AZ.
I used Becca's service last month to find a home. She was very helpful with the process. I had to call her several times with questions and she was always so patient with me. She communicated directly with the property management company to get everything taken care of with the application process and deposits. She even followed up with me once I got into the home to make sure evetything was going well. She is absolutely a top of the line Realtor. Thank you Becca for all of your hard work in helping me find my new home! I absolutely love it!
Response from Rebecca Adams on 10/28/2014 Amanda- Very happy to help you find your new place, thanks a bunch! Pleasure was all mine... -becca

09/01/2014 - Marlene Neuharth,  Sold a home in 2007 for approximately $300K in Summer Meadows, Gilbert, AZ.
Becca Adams has provided me with excellent representation in negotiating 3 separate real estate transactions, One was by long distance when I was still living in California. She is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive about what she is doing and does a wonderful job in all areas. She has both helped me purchase and sell. She went beyond normal "duties" by 'staging' a home I was selling. I would heartily recommend Becca to anyone who has need of a Great Person to handle your real estate needs. 
Response from Rebecca Adams on 09/07/2014 Marlene! Thank you so much...it was my pleasure to help you out.-Becca

07/24/2014 – Michelle S,  Bought/Sold a home in 2014 for approximately $200K in Concord Village, Mesa, AZ.
I have known Becca for years. Not only has she been the Realtor my family used since I was young but she has also become a trusted family friend. Becca helped me through my first home buying process as well as the selling process a few years later. She has always been attentive, honest, and goes above and beyond for her clients. I would and have recommended Becca to all of my friends and family!          Response from Rebecca Adams on 10/18/2014
Michelle- Thanks for the thoughtful review, very much appreciated. Just know I am always so happy to help you and your family with anything. So glad to know you all!

07/11/2011 – Verna G,  Bought a home in 2011 for approximately $150K in Chandler, AZ.
I wasn't quite sure what I wanted in a home as my family situation had recently changed. Becca helped me look at several homes of varying capabilities. She asked many questions and read my impressions quite well. This helped us narrow down what it was I was looking for. She was very patient with me as I looked over a period of months. I ended up purchasing a home that she recommended me to see. Through her vision, she showed me how this would fit every detail of what I was looking for with minimal changes. She caught this home just as the price had dropped, and found that we were competing with 2 others to make an offer. She immediately spoke with the right people, and found out how soon we needed to present an offer. She drove to my work miles away to bring forms for me to sign. The offer was accepted. I absolutely love my home! It is perfect for my needs. I enjoy having family and entertaining here. She was on top of the process the whole way, which was a lengthy short sale. She kept me aware of the odds and what was happening. She spent a lot of time in my behalf. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in what she does best. I would definitely recommend Becca.  
Response from Rebecca Adams on 06/30/2014  Knew when the right home came along it would work out. You met each challenge head on and made it happen. Loved working with you and so glad you are happy. Thanks.B

06/29/2013 – Sharita,  Helped me rent a Townhouse home in North Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ
Becca is AMAZING! She helped me and my sister find a home to rent in 2012 and in 2013. She is friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. Becca set up very specific rental searches based on our needs and made all the arrangements to visit properties we were interested in. When we made our decision on the property we were most interested in, Becca did all the negotiation and paperwork coordination. She made the process very easy and pleasant. Home finding can be stressful, Becca makes the process smooth with practically no stress at all! I can’t imagine not looking for a place to live without her, and recommend her services to anyone looking for rental. 
Response from Rebecca Adams on 06/30/2014 Grateful I could be there to help you guys out, Thanks so much for the feedback!

06/27/2014 – Brittany A, Bought/Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $150K in Maricopa, AZ.
I have worked with Rebecca Adams several times, to look for a rental property, to sell a home, and to buy a home. Every time I have worked with her she has been exceptional! She made each process as smooth as possible, had a wealth of knowledge and always had my best interests in mind. I have referred her to at least four of my closest friends when they have needed assistance (and each were very pleased with their respective outcomes) and I will continue to refer her to anyone who needs a Realtor or assistance with finding a rental property. 
Response from Rebecca Adams on 06/30/2014 You are awesome to work with and one of my favorite people. Appreciate the referrals so much, BIG Thanks!

06/23/2014 - Baker, Helped me rent a Single Family home in Amberwood North, Chandler, AZ.
Becca is someone who immediately puts you at ease. She is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. She went above and beyond in her quest to help me find the perfect home that suited my needs and tastes. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for that extra personal touch….
Response from Rebecca Adams on 06/28/2014
Thanks so much, appreciate the opportunity to help you with your home search! –b

06/19/2014 – Bill B, Sold a Townhouse home in 2013 for approximately $150K in Dobson Ranch, Mesa, AZ.
Becca has handled several transactions for me with superb professional skill. I think she advocated for my interests and gave me excellent guidance every step of the way in our endeavors. She set up a sale for me by doing furnishing and doing video. She was very helpful in a buy, guiding us through the maze of options. I would highly recommend her to anyone. 

06/18/2014 –Beverly, Helped me rent a Single Family home in Marbella Vineyards, Gilbert, AZ.
I have used Becca Adams for several of my purchases and rental properties. I found her to be highly competent and so helpful. Her suggestions are spot on. I would recommend her for anyone looking for a awesome Realtor / Broker.
Response from Rebecca Adams on 06/28/2014 I loved to help you and appreciate the feedback! Thanks :o)
01/30/2016 – Holly Brooke,  Bought a Single Family home in 1999 for approximately $675K in Circle G Ranches, Gilbert, AZ.
Working with Becca Adams makes home buying delightful. She knows the area well and makes productive suggestions without being pushy or opinionated. She is a great listener, problem solver, and has a way with all sides that makes everyone feel like they were being treated fairly and with respect.   Hard working and honest with the ability to kindly but firmly have your back. Always goes the extra mil
e. 5 stars aren't enough!

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"Working with Becca Adams makes home buying delightful. She knows the area well and makes productive suggestions without being pushy or opinionated. ... more "
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