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Contact us to discuss your time frame, specific needs & determine an affordable price range for you to start your home search.

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Search rentals using our free FlexMLS access. Create your own custom searches or contact us to create one for you. Next step? Complete an application.

Get Qualified
Send BHR your complete app package and we'll review your application to make sure you can qualify (free service/no fee).

Request a Showing Request a showing in person for any of the listings you find on the mls & we'll contact the listing agent to verify availability.

Do Your Homework Use the Tenant Advisory to investigate any home or area & become familiar with standard AAR lease contract typically used.

Streamline Your Approval  Once you've found the perfect home, we'll streamline the process by submitting your application package for approval along with any fees the listing agent may require. Before long you'll be approved & ready to move in a new home!

Credit Challenges?  Save yourself time & money by doing a little work up front.

We take a pro-active approach to better your chances of approval by having you gather information up front, a *pre-application package  of sorts. We'll have you package your application information all up, nice & neat along with a credit report that you can run yourself. By including a brief letter of explanation about credit bumps or pets it will really helps a future landlord understand your story.

Prior to seeing any homes, your pre-application package is submitted by us advance to the property manager or homeowner allowing them to preview how you look overall which helps determine if you'd be eligible for lease prior to paying any out-of-pocket application fees required, saving

you time & money by streamlining the whole process. 



We help simplify the process of finding a new rental home by offering up-to-date available rentals online using flexMLS. Streamline your search by gathering the necessary application documents upfront to ensure you will qualify for a new lease. In a competitive rental market it will benefit you to be one step ahead of other applicants.

Most property managers want to see the following information in order to approve you for a new lease:

  1. Application & ID (showing employment, past rental history and if ever filed BK, had conviction, eviction, etc)
  2. Gross Monthly Income = 3x amount of rent to be paid (combined gross income of all applicants)
  3. Proof of Income (copies of income statements for most recent 30 days, recent bank statement showing deposits or tax return)
  4. Good rental history (on-time rent payments over the past 12 months)
  5. Good credit history (above a 600 FICO score but requirements vary with each property manager)

The homes that are currently advertised on the market for rent will want you to start a lease within 30-45 days max.

We believe in simplifying the way you search for a new place to rent & provide free resources (FlexMLS access and help gathering up application essentials) to give you a competitive edge in a high demand rental market.

Searching for a rental can be frustrating if you are driving around calling from yard signs or endlessly searching online rental sites. Many times you just need a little more info from a property manager & never get a call back. When you finally do, the home may already be unavailable.  

When you contact a property management company direct as a tenant (call from signs or online sites like or, the managing agent you are working with most likely represents only the property owner or landlord. Have an agency on your side by using Becca Homes Realty who represents your best interests as a tenant & simplifies the whole rental process.


​​general application (blank)

application package sample (free credit report resource)

personal letter sample (if needed)

Our free rental assistance is available if your are not yet ready to buy.  Perhaps you are working on qualifying for a mortgage loan or saving up for a down payment on your future dream home. 

Not sure if you are ready to buy? Contact us for a QuickQualify consult of your buying ability, you may be closer than you think.  When you are ready to buy, you'll recognize Becca Homes Realty as a tremendous asset to have on your side when transitioning from leasing to home ownership.

Use ourFlexMLS access to search rentals or contact us to set up a custom search for you.

Homes you see are shared on the mls through individual Listing Agents who represent each homeowner.

If you have pets, bumpy credit (<600 FICO) or spotty job/rental history you may be required to provide a personal letter of explanation showing more detail about your pet (age/breed/size) or hardship (ie:credit issues due to medical, student loan, job loss, BK, etc). It is suggested that you pull your own credit report & provide a full copy of it (score & detail) to show your credit history. By doing this upfront you give a property manager and/or landlord the opportunity to review your application file to determine if you meet their minimum credit requirements (traditionally you pay an out-of-pocket application fee up front to have a credit check completed).

Personal Letter Sample