As a licensed a REALTOR since 1998 & Designated Broker since 2006, I am committed to making buying, renting or selling homes easier by offering experience, time savings and simple peace of mind.

I believe everyone deserves to own a home. More importantly I know there are many who really want to, but don’t think they can either right now or ever. Years ago I was shown by an agent how I could own a home when I didn’t think I could. Now I pass along that motivation, with the expertise and resources I’ve gathered along the way, to my clients who want to become homeowners, too!

Why I Became a Realtor? Years ago, I was lucky enough to come across a real estate agent who showed me that owning a home was closer than I thought. From the time I held my very first keys to my own home, I’ve been moved to pay that forward and help guide others into THEIR first home.

What Makes Me Different? For over 25 years I've specialized in working with first time home buyers & those concerned that their finances are not where they need to be right now.  I have the resources needed to show you how to purchase a home now or at least create a plan. Finally, many agents don’t make time for renters. If you find yourself in the position where have to rent for a short time before buying, most other agents are not likely to help with a lease which means having to start all over again with someone new or searching around on your own. If a little extra time is needed before buying, I’ll be the one to help you find a place to live right now & continue to work with you to make sure you become a homeowner in the future. You may be closer than you think!

Community involvement includes organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Make A Wish Foundation, YMCA, Tempe Chamber of Commerce, PTSA, Salvation Army, Goodwill of Arizona, Single Mothers Foundation, Angel Foundation, Adopt A Family and Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods

Becca Homes Realty is a full service Arizona residential real estate company that can help you buy, rent, sell or invest in a home.  Whether you're renting, outgrowing or downsizing your home or wish to invest, you can count on help here from an experienced REALTOR®.​   Contact Us 




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